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Malibu Wine Hikes

Located in the middle of the Santa Monica mountains between Calabasas and Malibu, is an amazing place where you'll find guided tours that take you on an adventure across its rolling hills and winery grounds.

Wire that is put out on the grapes the last couple weeks of harvest when the grapes are the sweetest. Many birds and wild animals come for the grapes when they are the sweetest.

Although many of the grapes survived the great Malibu fires two years ago, there were many that did not make it.

The winery also has lots of space for families, and many different events (when it isn't Covid), for example such as live music and five course meals.

Autumn colors in Malibu.

Our tour guide Kurt was absolutely amazing. He was very funny and he made the entire tour unforgettable!

There were a lot of animals on the winery grounds, including donkeys, llamas, zebras, horses, and even a giraffe.

Doorway to nowhere...

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